New for old engine

moteur-neuf-echangeOur new for old engine is set in place to replace your working or broken down engine.

To your advantage, there is a very short lay-over period between the removal of the old engine and the instalment of the new engine; on top of this, we can confidently guarantee that you will greatly profit from the long-lasting life of your new engine.

The new engine will raise the value and operation quality of your machine by reinforcing its respective reliability; thanks greatly to the fresh injection.

The new product guarantee of identical engines is the easiest and most efficient way of replacing your old engine, whatever may be the application.

For all of the complimentary help that you may need in regards to these applications, please feel free to contact our professionals

Spare Parts

There is also a complete line of Reman engine parts, to reduce the cost of the subsequent reparation :

  • FIE
  • Turbo
  • ...

New for Old Turbos programm

Perkins are pleased to inform you that the Exchange turbocharger product range now includes 1104 / 1106 New for Old turbochargers. The range extension will enable you to offer cost effective product support solutions to your customers.