Power TK, a national distributor of the PERKINS brand name, focused its activities on the diesel engine and its applications. For 25 years now, our partnership with PERKINS has given us the opportunity to develop a strong know-how, backed by years of experience, in engine services and commercialization in the industrial, agricultural, and marine markets.

To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their results, we bring to you 7 days a week, a strong commitment to service. In order to carry this out, our organization holds posts throughout the Turkish territory and is attentively awaiting your calls.

Whether it is to launch a new machine park, to subscribe to a reliable guarantee, to evaluate your operations and installations of your vehicles or to simply test and repair your machines, we are here to advise you to the best and most efficient solutions to your problems.

These activities are dealt with by teams of dedicated professionals that are extremely well-educated in the specific  applications of ifferent engines. Our positioning and close proximity to our customers reinforce our ability to rapidly and efficiently meet your needs of maintenance, on-site assistance, on-site reparations break-downs and other services.