Perkins Engine 1200E series

design to win

What are we offering? A new, award-winning 1200 Series range of 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines that omply with the latest Tier 4 legislation and provide you with the most dependable power and quality fit for your applications.

  • 1204E-E44TA : 61.5-110.1 kW / 82.5-147.6 hp
  • 1204E-E44TTA :110.1-129.4 kW / 147.6-173.5 hp
  • 1206E-E66TA :89-129.4 kW / 119.3-173.5 hp
  • 1206E-E70TTA : 140-225 kW / 187.7-301.7 hp

Seri 1200E

Even before you attend your TIW, our 1200 Series engines and aftertreatment have already been put through a very rigorous validation programme:

  • In-house computer simulations to understand engine performance in virtual applications
  • Proven running by using prototype engines on our test beds for durability testing
  • Endurance testing in applications selected from the fleet of 10 different machines, at our on-site proving facility. This is completed with Winter Testing at the Arjeplog Test Centre, Sweden, at temperatures as low as –30°C
  • Field testing is the final phase. Engines straight off the production line are put into the customer’s application and work up to 60 hours a week.

Le moteur Seri 1200E respecte les éxigences Tier4