Perkins Engine Eagle Tx

power and performance

The Eagle Tx from Perkins is a range of turbocharged and air-to-air chargecooled six-cylinders diesel engines which covers a powerband of 300-400 bhp. The exceptional low-speed performance of the Eagle-Tx was due to the advanced Perkins’ Fast-Burn combustion system. The key elements of this system were the helical inlet ports, high fuel injection pressures and high compression ration. They combined to give instantaneous and highly efficiency combustion. The Eagle Tx range was produces in Perkins’ Shrewsbury factory.

Eagle Tx

Engine features :

  • Silicon carbide impregnated liners were built in to every Eagle Tx engine.
  • The crankshaft benefited from a 45-hour nitride hardening process to a depth in excess of 0.020 ’’.
  • First British-built diesel engine to feature a centrifuge filtration system as standard.