Perkins Engine 500 series/ Prima

The economy on motion !

Perkins 500/Prima were launched in 1986 and did an important step in the diesel story ; it is the first direct injection diesel engine being used on small vans (Rover Montego) Two major features are the foundation of the design :

  • A real fuel save which reduces the cost of tons per kilometre
  • Performances and driving pleasure similar to the gasoline vehicles.
Marine versions of this engines were also branded. More compact and 30% lighter than the other engines of the market, they did offer the best compromise weight/power for small pleasure boats.

Seri 500 / Prima

Engine features :

  • Leak free operation is assured by sophisticated asbestos free gasket material and tough Viton crankshaft and camshaft oil seals.
  • Greatly improved fuel consumption – typically 15% better than indirect injection – with the advanced TRIM direct injection combustion system.
  • Environmentally friendly, with the low noise of emission levels of the new TRIM combustion system along with high specification fuel injection equipment and premium quality 3-ring controlled expansion pistons.
  • Service intervals for oil and filters are at 400 hours
  • Low stress and vibration levels compared to any two or three cylinder alternative.