Perkins Engine Phaser

Perkins truck power

Perkins truck power range, featuring Phaser and Eagle Tx engines extends up to 400 bhp. The Phaser from Perkins is a range of turbocharged, turbo intercooled and air-to-air, four or six-cylinders diesel engines. All have the premium specification, performance and ease of maintenance to give to maximum productivity for the lowest operating costs in 90’s trucks. Perkins was an approved military supplier and holder of the prestigious Ministry of Defence quality standard AQAP-1.


Engine features :

  • Deep skirted computer optimised cylinder block
  • Silicon carbide honed dry cylinder liners
  • Controlled expansion pistons
  • Forged molybdenum steel con rods
  • Gear driven water pump
  • Oil spray cooled pistons
  • Viton crankshaft oil seals