Perkins Engine 2000 series

Setting the standars

The 2000 Series is a family of well proven 6 cylinder in line engines, for electric power generation and stationery industrial applications. Designed well in advance of todays uncompromising demands within the Power Generation and industrial sectors, the range has a deserved reputation for providing reliable power and outstanding economy. For increased versatility, gas fuelled, spark ignited variants for 50 or 60Hz constant speed operation are also available.

Seri 2000

Engine features :

  • Gear train, forged from steel and hardened for wear resistance
  • Fuel Injection Pump, gear driven from the engine timing case, the 2000 Series uses the latest Bosch in-line fuel pump to achieve compliance with the latest emissions legislation
  • Wet cylinder liners of spun cast iron, 8mm thick, for high rigidity
  • Every engine uses two cylinders heads, each covering three cylinders
  • Cylinder block cast in high grade iron