You can now purchase up to 10 years coverage for your Perkins engine and protect yourself against the risk of unexpected repair costs. There are two flexible levels of coverage...

Do you want to safeguard yourself against unexpected repair costs?

Perkins values itself on quality and reliability but no one can predict if or when an engine failure will occur. With a Perkins Platinum Protection you can be safe knowing that if the unexpected does happen, your engine is protected.

A PPP covers the cost of defective replacement engine parts, repair time labour, and travel time beyond the standard warranty period, and is designed to help you minimize downtime due to breakdowns and stoppages.


No high cost repairs

  • By guaranteeing future repairs at today's prices, the Perkins Platinum Coverage is an ideal way to control costs knowing that parts and labour will not be affected by inflation

Global network coverage

  • Quality repairs performed by highly trained technicians from an authorized Perkins distributor using genuine Perkins parts to ensure peak performance of your engine

Tailor Made Solutions - You choose the coverage that's right for you from a range of options

  • The Perkins Platinum Protection is the most comprehensive and will cover all factory fitted components against defective materials and workmanship, software upgrades and electronic fault code resets
  • Choice of combinations of machine hours and years

No late registration fee

  • You can purchase an extended service contract at any time during your standard warranty period - even on the last day

Transferable coverage

  • A PPP is fully transferable between users during the life of the contract

No additional premium for harsh operating conditions

Money back guarantee

  • If you change your mind within 30 days of purchase