Not enough power

Checks by the user

  • Restriction in a fuel pipe
  • Fault in fuel lift pump
  • Dirty fuel filter element
  • Restriction in filter/cleaner or air induction system
  • Air in fuel system
  • Fault in atomisers or atomisers of an incorrect type
  • Restriction in fuel tank vent
  • Wrong type or grade of fuel used
  • Restricted movement of engine speed control
  • Restriction in exhaust pipe
  • Engine temperature is too high
  • Engine temperature is too low

Check by the workshop personnel

  • Fault in fuel injection pump
  • Timing of fuel injection pump is incorrect
  • Valve timing is incorrect
  • Bad compression
  • Cylinder head gasket leaks
  • Worn cylinder bores
  • Leakage between valves and seats
  • Piston rings are not free or they are worn or broken
  • Turbocharger impeller is damaged or dirty
  • Induction system leaks (turbocharged engines)
  • Turbocharger waste-gate does not work correctly (if there is one fitted)