Exhaust aftertreatment treats the products of combustion before they are emitted into the atmosphere. Perkins has developed the most technically advanced aftertreatment solutions, including a unique, service-free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

The DPF is fitted to all Perkins engines - enabling them to meet particulate emissions wherever they are used. In addition, some Perkins engines use a catalyst ignition process while others use a burner - this is dependant on the application and its demands.

Our continual regeneration version is completely – and uniquely – service-free, whilst the aftertreatment technology in our seven-litre engine has its own regeneration heat source, so it can be positioned at a distance from the engine for greater design flexibility.

This flexibility and choice of technologies makes it possible to employ the right technology for each application, so engines not only meet the emissions regulations but also the service and performance requirements of the end user.
How it works

  • The exhaust gases leave the engine and flow into the aftertreatment module.
  • Inside the module the gasses pass through a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst which:
  • oxidises Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons
  • prepares Nitrogen Dioxide so it can be used for oxidisation in the
  • The gasses pass through the DPF which collects the small amount of residual soot.
  • Using a further catalytic process the soot is oxidised at low temperature.

In Perkins seven-litre engines, which produce levels of NOx too low to ignite the soot in the DPF, burners are fitted to ignite the soot and regenerate the DPF. Since this aftertreatment module incorporates its own heat source, it can be positioned away from the engine, providing further packaging flexibility.



  • Keeps machines operating without any work cycle interruption
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Simple and unique service-free continuous regeneration module
  • No operator interaction required
  • Best possible fuel consumption
  • Low operating temperature