Power TK proposes ... moteurs

Power TK presents a complete line of Perkins engines. Currently, we have more than 200 engines in stock, on top of spare parts kits.

A team of professionals is here to listen to you and to discuss with you your specific engine needs. Our technical know-how and our strong connection with Perkins allows us to respond to you question without delay or complication.
We can answer questions on specific engines or on specific needs for entire projects to provide you with advice on the best and most efficient solutions, all free of cost:

A mobile technical assistant in close proximity, readily available at your disposition, can gladly help you solidify and launch your projects.

  • Rapid preparation and availability of engines designed for your specific needs.
  • Partnerships with specialized radiator dealers, coupling dealers, ...
  • Wiring and Control Panels
  • Strong relations with Hydraulic specialists to better design each engine for its specific application

In this section, you will find the entire line of new Perkins engines that adhere to all operational norms and . To access the list of engines, you can simply choose your desired field of application to pull up the list of engines most qualified for your needs :